Karachi beaches offers an ideal getaway for beach lovers. Pakistan’s coastline extends for more than 1,000 kilometers, offering a variety of beaches for all kinds of travelers. One standout feature of Karachi’s beaches is their pristine condition. Unlike many popular beach destinations, these shores remain untouched by large crowds, allowing visitors to connect with nature in its purest form.

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To enjoy these magical sites with your family in Karachi here are the top 9 best beaches in Karachi that will not disappoint. Dive into the beauty of Karachi Beaches and coastal attractions in Karachi, and let the waves of the Arabian Sea guide you to a beach lover’s paradise.

1. Clifton Beach

Every Pakistani has visited this beach once in their lifetime. Right Pakistanis? Clifton Beach, known as Sea View, is a popular destination in Karachi along the Arabian Sea. Clifton Beach stands out for its value in providing fun and relaxation. A stroll along the beach, camel and horse riding, beach buggies or go-karts add an extra dose of adrenaline to Clifton Beach. Moreover, the food scene here is also worth trying from affordable street food to fancy dinners there is everything for everyone. 

2. Manora Island

Manora Beach is a popular tourist destination, known for its affordability and nature. It’s free from the pollution often found on other Karachi beaches, making it an excellent spot for birdwatching. This complex of four beaches includes the western, central, eastern, and southern beaches, with the western beach being the most popular relax, sunbathe, and take a dip, try out delicious seafood, including fried fish, prawns, and crab dishes, freshly caught from the sea. Try something new by taking a boat ride around the island. Enjoy the water and the view of the surroundings.

3. French Beach

Known locally as Haji Ali Goth, French Beach is a small fishing village with a unique name stemming from a visit by a pair of French individuals attracted by its beauty. Over time, it gained popularity, transforming from rough huts to beach villas owned by Karachi’s elite. The beach is loved by adventurers and surfers. It’s one of the most visited beaches in Sindh because of its wild yet calm vibe. The water is super clear and the breeze makes it feel fresh. Here visitors can enjoy different fun activities including scuba diving, surfing, kayaking and fishing.  Unlike soft sand Karachi beaches, French Beach has rocks, so wearing flip-flops is a good idea for safety.

4. Hawks Bay Beach

Hawke’s Bay is a beautiful beach in Karachi that many people love. You can rent a tent and spend the weekend enjoying fun activities like campfires, buffet dinners, and sandcastle competitions. Collect shells and pebbles on the shore.

If you go on a weekday, you might have the beach all to yourself. It’s a popular place for picnics. The beach is unique because it’s home to rare green marine turtles. With its sandy shore, blue water, and these special turtles, it’s a great place to explore.

You can even try snorkelling and scuba diving close to the shore. Hawks Bay Beach is lively and attracts both locals and tourists with its exciting atmosphere, water sports, and tasty street food stalls.

5. Port Grand

Port Grand is a super cool spot for fun in Karachi. It’s on this old bridge that connects Karachi and Keamari. They fixed it up to make it safe and awesome for coastal attractions in Karachi. Lots of folks and tourists love it because it’s in a great spot and has cool stuff to do.

When the sun sets, it comes alive with fun stuff for families and things to enjoy. That’s why it’s one of the best places to go at night in Karachi. Besides all the fun, Port Grand has different restaurants with all kinds of food.

You can get tasty Pakistani dishes and famous Asian cuisines.  Port Grand is also known for big events in its big courtyard. They have concerts, culture festivals, car shows, flower festivals, live sports screenings, and more.

6. Churna Island

Churna Island is a small, cool island with clear water. You can reach it by boat from Mubarak Village, and it’s known for fun water activities. The island is great for scuba diving, snorkelling, and jumping off cliffs. The water around the island has rare sea animals that adventure lovers like to see.

It’s best to visit Churna Island between February and March when the water is not too cold, and you can see amazing marine life during low tide. The island doesn’t have people living on it, and the land goes up pretty high from the sea. 

7. Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach near Karachi is an awesome place for families and kids. It’s famous for its special turtles and is a great spot for picnics with cool cabanas and water fun. In winter, you might see turtles laying eggs.

The beach is between Sandspit and Hawke’s Bay, perfect for picnics with different huts for family and business events. Stay overnight in cool beach huts. They have all you need, like furniture, electricity, and guards. Ride camels and horses by the shore. Locals are good at it and have safety gear. Here you can spend some quality time with your loved ones in some fun activities such as fishing, swimming, riding camels and horses and more. Turtle Beach is a fun place near Karachi with cool animals and lots to do for families and adventurers alike.

8. Do Darya

Do Darya, situated in the fancy DHA Phase 8 area of Karachi, is a famous food street known for its unique location between two seas. The name “Do Darya” means “Two Seas” in Persian, and it’s called that because it’s surrounded by the Arabian Sea on both sides. At night, it’s a bustling food street with lots of beachside restaurants. These places stay open late, making it one of the best spots for nighttime fun on Karachi beaches. People love coming here for picnics because of the beautiful views of the sunset and sunrise by the sea. The big draw is the five-star restaurants with amazing views. It’s a social hub where people enjoy peace and good food.

Here are some of the best restaurants at DO Darya:

  • BBQ Tonight

Known for yummy grilled meat and traditional Pakistani dishes, with indoor and outdoor seating by the sea.

  • Kolachi

A great place for seafood lovers, with a fancy setting, sea views, and a menu full of tasty options.

  • Sajjad Restaurant

A hidden gem with a cozy feel, serving authentic Pakistani cuisine, especially delicious BBQ.

  • Al Habib Restaurant

A must-visit eatery with a wide menu, warm service, and a stunning location by the Arabian Sea.

  • Kababjees

Famous for a variety of BBQ and grilled items, with a nice outdoor seating area and sea views.

9. Cape Monze Beach

Cape Monze Beach in Karachi, also known as Cape Mount, is a popular spot with a stunning setting. It attracts people from all over the world because of its breathtaking beauty and the fun things you can do. To avoid the summer heat, people like to go early in the morning. The calm roads and nice drive make it a treat not often found in Karachi.

In our busy lives, taking time to relax is important. Being in nature, whether it’s mountains, deserts, rivers, or beaches, is a great way to refresh your mind, body, and soul. Cape Monze Beach is a must-visit if you want a mix of nature’s beauty and fun activities. Whether you’re having a chill day or doing water sports, the beach is a place you won’t forget.


Karachi’s beaches offer a wonderful escape for people who love the beach. From popular spots like Clifton Beach to quieter places like Cape Monze, each beach is special. Even though mountains and historical sites get more attention, Karachi’s beaches are beautiful and not too crowded. So, whether you love the beach or seek adventure, Karachi’s beaches have something special with their sandy shores, gentle waves, and many experiences that make them a paradise for beach lovers.


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