Extremely hot weather hits Pakistan, especially in Karachi where the temperatures rise 6 to 8 degrees higher than usual. Karachi, known for its super hot summers, faces a higher risk of heatstroke. Karachi, the biggest city in Pakistan, is famous for its lively lifestyle. But the lasting and intense heat waves have been a challenge for many years, making it tough to stay active and healthy.

As Karachi faces scorching temperatures, it’s vital to protect yourself from the heat’s potential harm. With the thermometer hitting close to 40 degrees in many Pakistani cities, especially Karachi, keeping healthy requires some extra care. Alongside the hot sun, power outages and water shortages make things tougher for many people. Let’s look at the signs of getting too hot, the dangers of heatstroke, and essential tips for staying active and healthy in Karachi‘s hot weather in this article.

Understanding the Heatwave

In Karachi’s summer, there are two big risks: getting dehydrated and getting sick from the heat. Dehydration, when your body doesn’t have enough water, can make you tired and your mouth dry. The intense heat can also lead to heat-related problems. Knowing the signs and telling the difference is important to stay safe.

Heat Stroke Symptoms 

If you start feeling tired, dizzy, or having muscle cramps, it’s a sign that your body might be getting too hot. If you don’t take care of these symptoms, they can lead to confusion, seizures, and passing out. So, it’s important to cool down and hydrate yourself if you notice these signs to avoid more serious problems. 

Karachi has a big urban area, but there are few green spaces. This makes it hard for the city to handle scorching weather. The buildings and roads in the city absorb and give off heat, which makes the temperature even higher overall. So, when it gets super hot, Karachi faces extra difficulties because there aren’t enough cool and green places.

Remembering the deadly 2015 heatwave in Karachi, where temperatures felt like 50°C for a week, shows why preventive measures are so important. Lack of awareness and things like Ramadan fasting and power shortages led to over 1,200 deaths in Karachi.

How to Prevent and Help Early

Spotting Symptoms of Heat Stroke 

If you see someone showing signs of getting too hot, act quickly. Make sure they lie down in a cool place, remove unnecessary clothes, soothe their skin, and keep them hydrated for summer fitness in Karachi. For severe cases, seeking medical help is important.

Who’s Most at Risk?

Some people are more likely to have problems during a heatwave. This includes older folks, babies, those with health issues, drug users, active people, those with mental health concerns, and folks on certain medications. Knowing who’s more at risk helps us take better care of them.

Taking steps before it gets too hot can help prevent issues. Stay informed about heatwave warnings, avoid being in the sun between 12 pm and 4 pm, wear light clothes and use sunscreen.

Recognizing and Treating Heatstroke

Signs and Symptoms

Understanding the indications of heatstroke is essential. Look out for things like having a high fever, dry skin, feeling dizzy, being confused, and experiencing seizures. Recognizing these signs is crucial for getting help quickly.

Immediate Actions

While waiting for professional assistance, take some immediate steps. Slow down your activities, find a shady spot, and wet yourself with cold water, to help with heatstroke. These actions can make a difference while waiting for professional help.

Vulnerable Groups

It’s important to identify individuals who are at a higher risk. This includes seniors, infants, those with respiratory illnesses, people on medication, and active individuals. Knowing who is more vulnerable helps in taking specific preventive measures tailored to their needs.

Tips to Avoid Heatstroke

Stay Hydrated

Drink water to keep yourself hydrated in this hot and humid weather. Choose water over sugary drinks, and consider adding lemonade or fresh fruit juices to maintain a good mineral balance for summer fitness in Karachi. Stay away from sodas as they can make you more dehydrated, which is not good during a heatwave.

Wear Loose Clothing

Choose loose and light-colored clothes to allow air circulation and prevent overheating. Tight clothes can stop your body from cooling down, which may lead to a heatstroke. Especially during the day, skip tight clothes and go for lighter fabrics to stay comfortable and safe.

Stay Indoors

Try to avoid direct sunlight, especially between 11 am and 3 pm. Wear sunscreen and protective gear to stay safe from heat-related issues. Before leaving an air-conditioned place, let your body adjust a bit to avoid sudden temperature changes that can cause headaches, fever, or even heatstroke. Plan outdoor fitness activities in Karachi during cooler times, early morning or late evening, to avoid the intense heat.

Avoid Greasy Food

Cut back on heat-producing foods like meat and eggs. Focus on a balanced diet to help your body cope with the heat.

Cooling Yourself

A refreshing cold shower or damp towel can quickly cool down your body temperature. Stay cool by drinking cold beverages, eating water-rich foods, and taking cool baths. Spraying water on your skin or wearing damp clothes can also help. Pay attention to staying hydrated, as dark urine or infrequent urination means you need more fluids.

Avoid Caffeine

Reduce your caffeine intake as it can dehydrate you. Choose other hydrating drinks during the heatwave.

Cooling Your Living Space

Keep indoor spaces cool by closing curtains during the day, opening windows at night, and using fans. Turn off unnecessary lights and devices to reduce heat. Long-term solutions like insulating walls and using reflective paint can help control temperature.

Know Your Body’s Cooling Points

Apply ice or cool compresses to your wrists, neck, ears, and feet to help lower your overall body temperature.

Avoid Heat-radiating Devices

Stay away from things like hair straighteners or laptops that emit heat to minimize extra heat absorption.

Adjust Physical Activity

While staying active is great, adjust your exercise routine for summer fitness in Karachi. Consider indoor activities like light cardio to avoid overdoing it in the heat.

How to Help Someone in the Heat?

It’s important to know the signs of problems caused by heat. If you notice someone sweating a lot, having a headache, feeling dizzy, or even passing out, you need to act quickly.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Get them fresh air.
  • Ask them to lie down.
  • Raise their feet a bit.
  • Give them fluids to drink.
  • Use wet towels to cool them down.

These steps can make a big difference and help the person feel better in the heat.

What Doctors Recommend

To deal with the hot weather in Karachi, doctors suggest a few easy things to do.

  • Don’t go outside when it’s hottest.
  • Drink enough water to stay hydrated.
  • Wear light-colored clothes.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables with a lot of water.
  • Cover your head.
  • Put your hands and feet in cold water to cool down.

These simple steps recommended by doctors can help you stay cool and healthy in the heat.

Home Remedies

Apart from what doctors recommend, there are things you can try at home to feel better.

  • Drink coconut water, buttermilk, aloe vera juice, or imli ka sharbat.
  • Eat raw cucumber.
  • Add apple cider vinegar to your drinks.
  • Use sandalwood paste on your forehead.

These are simple things you can do at home to help yourself feel good and stay healthy.


As Pakistan gets ready for an extreme heatwave, following these tips can make a big difference. Take care, stay alert, and make prevention measures a priority to have an enjoyable and safe summer fitness in Karachi.

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