Vouch365 Launches ‘Infinity Dining’ for Gold Members to Offer Unlimited Servings


Vouch365 on January 2019 launched “Infinity Dining” — a new dine in and delivery model exclusively for “Vouch365 Gold members.” The new launch is aimed to give a “Royal” experience to Vouch365 Gold subscribers through over 600 restaurants, leisure and beauty spots across Karachi. Alongside offering unlimited servings, Infinity Dining and redemptions; Vouch365 is touted to provide gifts for special occasions like birthday or Eid festives, access to CIP lounge services, complimentary lunch and dinners every month, complimentary movie tickets and invitations to exclusive Gold events to its Gold subscribers. This means that once you are through redeeming all 3 offerings, your app will be refreshed and you can utilize your favourite brand offers unlimited times in a year. Vouch365 Gold members can also choose the number of guests they want to take to the exclusive Gold events that are held every month by simply paying a small guest fee.

You get all of this PLUS complimentary food and services voucher of up to PKR 100,000!

Yes you heard that right……Still want more? Well this doesn’t end here!

Who said there’s no free lunch?

Now with Vouch Gold membership you can enjoy FREE lunch and dinners every month. The new “Gold” member layout in the app sure gives you a royal feeling and with the complimentary food items and services its safe to say that your PKR 15000 spent on this app are totally worth it.

“After the success of Vouch365 that was targeted for the masses, we felt there should be a personalized touch to our product that gave much more benefits than what we normally offered.” said Faizan Lakhani , CEO & Co-founder, Vouch365.

Since Infinity Dining is exclusive to Vouch365 Gold members, you need to subscribe to the Gold membership to avail the latest offering.



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