Even though Karachi is Pakistan’s biggest city with over 20 million people, it holds secret gems waiting to be explored. Karachi truly has something for everyone. Are you planning a trip to Karachi? Karachi is known for its vibrant culture and tasty food, it is a city that’s always buzzing. 

Situated by the Arabian Sea, Karachi is a city that captures visitors with its rich history, cultural heritage, and lively atmosphere. Amid the hustle and bustle, hidden gems promise a special experience.

This article will go through Karachi best places to visit, from historical landmarks in Karachi to modern shopping malls and art galleries. 

Art Galleries In Karachi

Karachi is home to some amazing artists. Even though connecting with the global art scene is a bit tricky, Karachi’s art community is growing. The city has modern art galleries working hard to keep the awesome work of famous Pakistani artists alive and support new talents. These galleries are doing their best to show off and protect Karachi’s rich artistic history. So, even though it’s a work in progress to get noticed worldwide, these galleries are making sure the cool art from Karachi gets the attention it deserves, both from past and future artists.

Frere Hall

Frere Hall in Karachi is like a special time machine. It was built in 1865 and looks cool with a mix of local and British styles. It has become Pakistan’s famous landmark.  At first, it was a library, and then it became a museum. Now, it’s a place that shows off art and cool stuff from the past.

It’s a peaceful spot with green lawns and old trees where people go for quiet picnics. Inside the hall, a library and art galleries display the city’s history. It’s not just a building; it’s like a history and calmness combo right in the middle of the busy city. So, if you want a break from the hustle and bustle, Frere Hall is the place to be!


Artciti is a cool online art gallery in Pakistan. Artists from all over the country can show off their artwork on this platform. They started in January 2014 and have organised more than 55 exhibitions. Artciti features famous artworks from well-known Pakistani artists and also gives a chance to new talents.

What’s exciting is that Artciti plans to have real exhibitions, not just online, for artists from Pakistan and other countries. They cover all sorts of art styles like landscapes and abstract. Because they’re online, Artciti has caught the attention of people from many countries. If you’re into art or you’re an artist looking for opportunities, Artciti is one of Karachi’s best places to visit to explore.

VM Art Gallery

VM Art Gallery was started in 1987 to help women in the community by providing education. Now, it’s a big deal in Karachi’s art gallery. They want to support Pakistani artists, not just in Pakistan but also all around the world. They focus on helping new voices and recent art graduates who might not have many resources or experience.

It’s a cool place for art exhibitions, especially because it has spaces for different types of art like installations and sculptures. VM Art Gallery also regularly hosts art classes and shows to inspire young Pakistani artists. They have a collection of over 400 artworks from all the exhibitions they’ve had over the years. It’s a welcoming place for all kinds of artists.

Chawkandi Art Gallery

Chawkandi Art Gallery is an important place for art in Pakistan. It was started in 1985 by Zohra Husain and has become one of the fanciest art galleries in the country. The main idea is to show off the fantastic artworks of experienced artists like Sadequain, Ahmed Pervaiz, Abdur Rahman Chughtai and Shahid Sajjad. But Chawkandi is more than just a gallery; it’s a cool spot for talking about art, having shows, launching books, and having exhibitions all year round. It’s like a meeting place for both famous and new artists.

If you’re into collecting art or dealing with it, Chawkandi is a trustworthy partner. Marjorie Hussain, an art expert from Britain, moved to Karachi in the 1960s and made Chawkandi a top spot for contemporary art. She knows a lot about the art scene in Karachi and Pakistani art, making Chawkandi one of the Karachi best places to visit in the city.

Museum In Karachi

Karachi’s museums worked hard to keep records of Pakistan’s history and culture. In this lively city with great food, culture, sights, and history, some museums are like time machines. They take you on a cool journey through the past two centuries, showing you historical places in Karachi in a whole new way. It’s a unique experience waiting for you!

The National Museum of Pakistan

The National Museum of Pakistan in Karachi is a must-see place. This popular museum focuses on Islamic heritage, historical artefacts, and valuable art, showcasing Pakistan’s rich cultural history. It has 11 galleries, including a special Quran gallery with about 300 antique copies.

You’ll find a lot to explore, like ancient artefacts, sculptures, political manuscripts, and miniature paintings from the Indus Valley and Gandhara Civilization.  A visit to the National Museum is a must if you want to understand this fascinating country better, making it a standout attraction in Karachi.

Mohatta Palace Museum

Mohatta Palace was initially built in 1927 as a fancy home for a successful entrepreneur named Shiv Rattan Mohatta. It has a unique design that combines Anglo-Mughal architecture, making it a real work of art. The Mohatta Palace Museum has 44 galleries displaying historical stuff from different parts of Pakistan.

The building’s design was created by an architect named Ahmed Hussein Agha, who was inspired by similar structures in Pakistan and India. At first, it was used as an office for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and later as a home for Fatima Jinnah. Finally, it became a museum to share and celebrate Pakistan’s culture. The museum is full of interesting artefacts, and they even host art exhibitions regularly. Plus, there are cool stone statues that make the place even more impressive.

PAF Museum

The PAF Museum is a cool place that showcases all the awesome aircraft and weapons used by the Pakistan Air Force. It has a big hall and an outdoor area where they display radars, aircraft, and various types of weapons. The two standout things at the PAF Museum are Indian jet fighters captured during the 1965 war and Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s Vicker aeroplane.

This museum in Karachi is famous, especially for history buffs interested in World War aircraft. You can get a close-up look at different models of fighter jets used in World War I and II, along with some modern ones. It’s a must-visit spot for anyone into aviation and military history!

Other Historical Gems In Karachi 

Empress  Market

Empress Market in Karachi is a lively spot with a rich history and a lively atmosphere, drawing in visitors with its vibrant offerings. It was built in 1889 and perfectly reflects the essence of Pakistan, providing a sensory experience through its various types of goods. From the delightful scent of spices of Pakistani kitchens to stalls displaying local fruits, vegetables, traditional clothing, and even antiques, Empress Market offers an engaging experience for both locals and tourists.

Its maze-like alleys encourage exploration, giving a glimpse into authentic Karachi life. Besides being a bustling shopping centre, the market holds historical significance, with each corner holding stories of the past. Whether you need daily essentials, clothing, or unique discoveries, Empress Market has it all. A stroll to the nearby Jahangir Park adds a touch of tranquillity to your visit, and the colonial-era architecture enhances the market’s attraction.

Hindu Gymkhana 

The Hindu Gymkhana was built in 1925 and is an important old building in Karachi. It used to be a social club for Hindus, but now it’s home to the National Academy of Performing Arts. If you want to learn about Karachi’s past and culture, this is a good place to visit.

This colonial-era building not only offers insights into Karachi’s history and culture but has also become a popular Karachi tourist attraction. You can also enjoy a cup of coffee or tea in a nice setting or watch an interesting theatre show. 

Chaukhandi Tombs

The Chaukhandi Tombs, are a collection of 14 tombs renowned for their impressive Mughal architecture from the 16th century.  They are made of white marble and adorned with intricate carvings, these tombs are considered excellent examples of Mughal craftsmanship in Pakistan.

Just a few kilometres from the city centre, the Chaukhandi Tombs is a popular Karachi tourist attraction. With roots tracing back to the time of Alexander the Great, this historical site in Karachi has undergone renovations by various rulers between 300 BC and 200 AD. Today, visitors can enjoy a peaceful garden with numerous trees, which makes it an attractive destination to explore with beautiful architecture and ancient history.

Burns Road

If you are a foodie and haven’t been to Burns Road then you are missing a lot. Burns Road in Karachi is a fantastic place for food lovers. It’s famous for its busy atmosphere and is easily accessible. The street is always lively, especially in the evenings and on weekends. When you arrive, the tempting smell of delicious food from various stalls and restaurants will guide you.

Some must-try spots include Waheed Kabab House for beef kababs and malai Boti, and Fresco for samosas and dahi baras. Save room for dessert at Delhi Rabri and Delhi Sweets, and don’t miss the creamy delight of matka kulfi at Dilshad Kulfi. Food Centre’s Biryani is also a must, making Burns Road a top destination in Karachi for a delightful food tour with friends.

Famous Outing Places In Karachi

Dolmen Mall 

Dolmen Mall located in Karachi’s Clifton area, is a modern shopping hub that has a mix of international and local brands. Shop designer clothes, jewellery, and more, and also enjoy a movie or a meal in the food court. It’s considered one of the first malls of international standards in Pakistan, featuring around 130 stores. The mall spans three levels, covering a vast area of 1 million sq ft. Dolmen Mall offers amenities of underground parking, ATMs, first aid, free WiFi, and facilities for mothers and kids, making it a top choice for shopping and leisure in Karachi.

Port Grand

If you’re looking for a nice dinner spot with a view or just want to take a casual walk by the water, Port Grand is perfect. It has a mix of tasty food and a beautiful view, making it a great choice for a fun evening in Karachi. Port Grand Food Street is lively and Karachi’s best place to visit where you can walk around without cars, enjoy good food, and shop. It’s not just about eating and shopping – there’s also entertainment. So, while you’re having your meal, you get to enjoy a nice view.

Port Grand is a cool place in Karachi by the water. Both locals and tourists enjoy it. They have many places to eat and some shops, all with a nice view of the harbour. When the sun goes down, Port Grand becomes lively and fun, like a nighttime party.


Onederland in the Lucky One Mall is one of Karachi’s best places to visit, especially if you’re looking for a fun time. It’s inside the biggest mall in Pakistan and is one of the biggest indoor amusement parks. Whether you love exciting rides or virtual adventures, Onederland has everything – a cool 4D cinema and an indoor roller coaster.

One of the best things there is the ‘Freak Out’ ride for people who love thrills. They also have fun things like bumper cars and a carousel. It’s a fantastic place to go with friends in Karachi because, besides rides, there’s a big area with video games and a soft play space for little kids. Onederland is clean, the staff is nice, and they have a special roller coaster that makes it a great choice for anyone who wants an adventure in Karachi’s Lucky One Mall.


Karachi is a vibrant city that beautifully weaves together history, culture, and fun. From art galleries and historical sites in Karachi like Mohatta Palace to the lively Empress Market and delightful Burns Road for foodies, there’s something for everyone. The city’s museums, such as the National Museum and PAF Museum, offer a journey through time.

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