Lahore, the cultural heart of Pakistan, is known for its great food, traditional music, and numerous events. Lahoris love to pamper themselves daily with spa and beauty services to feel refreshed. Get ready for a beauty adventure and let’s spill the beans on how to transform your regular day into an extraordinary pampering experience while living in Lahore! Exclusive discounts, top-notch salons, and a city filled with beauty are in store. 

Amidst Lahore’s busy vibe, let’s uncover the key to self-indulgence just for you. Explore the best salon in Lahore deals that will leave you saying, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?” It’s time to treat yourself like the VIP you are!

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Top 10 Best Salons in Lahore

1. Toni & Guy

Toni & Guy is the most powerful hairdressing brand globally, always changing and staying modern. This salon is a great spot for all your beauty needs, offering top-notch services to help you relax and look your best.  They also provide an excellent education in hairdressing, offer great products, and have a cool and dynamic image. Toni & Guy is the only hairdressing company representing the idea of bringing runway fashion to everyday clients. You can expect excellent treatments for your hair, skin, nails, and body, along with expert advice for a luxurious salon experience. 

For more than 45 years, Toni & Guy has been known for quality while staying modern. They not only provide regular services but also have a range of effective beauty products that you can buy either by visiting the salon or ordering from their official website. They focus on education, developing new products, and training, and they believe in placing the brand in the world of fashion and style.


  • Skincare
  • Hair treatment
  • Hair removal treatments
  • Hair colors
  • Dry styling
  • Bridal and party makeup
  • Nail treatment

Whether you’re a male or a female looking for a relaxing spot to enhance your appearance, this salon has you covered.

2. be DOT Signature Beauty Salon

Be Dot is a salon just for women that does lots of beauty treatments. They provide services of cutting and styling hair, bridal and minimal makeup, treating and coloring hair, and even manicures and pedicures. From trendy cuts to elegant styles, their experienced hairstylists are dedicated to giving you the perfect hairdo that complements your style. Rejuvenate your skin with facial treatments and enjoy smooth and hair-free skin with waxing services, using high-quality products for a comfortable experience.

At Be Dot, they understand that your comfort is essential. That’s why they provide a relaxing and friendly environment where you can unwind and enjoy the beauty transformation. The staff there is super friendly and dedicated to providing personalised and professional services. Visit and experience the perfect blend of beauty expertise, top-notch services, and friendly hospitality at Be Dot Signature Beauty Salon.

3. IRIS Salon & Spa

Looking for affordable salons in Lahore? IRIS in Lahore should be the final destination. Looking good isn’t just about appearance; it reflects who you are and brings happiness to both yourself and others. Everyone desires to look perfect and attract attention from family and friends. At IRIS, they consider their clients as part of our extended family, and your satisfaction is our top priority.

Pamper yourself with a variety of beauty services at IRIS Salon and Spa. Give your hands and feet the care they deserve with our manicure and pedicure treatments, leaving your nails looking neat and stylish. Renew your skin with facial treatments. Relax your body and mind with expert massages for a soothing experience. For special moments, skilled makeup artists at IRIS are here to create stunning looks for brides and partygoers, ensuring you shine on your special days. Your journey to beauty starts right here at one of the best salon in Lahore for both men and women alike. 

4. Depilex Beauty Clinic

Depilex Beauty Clinic in Lahore, started back in 1980 by Ms Musaarrat Misbaaah, aims to make everyone look and feel beautiful. What began as a single location has now expanded to over 60 branches nationwide. Depilex offers a variety of services, including facials, nails, skincare, hair treatments, and spa services.

Known for its top-notch team of friendly and skilled hairdressers and makeup artists, Depilex is a popular choice for those seeking quality beauty care. The salon, located in DHA Phase 4, is particularly well-regarded for its excellent hair services, making it one of Lahore’s best salons. Their services range from free consultations to bridal makeup, manicures, pedicures, haircuts, blowdrying, styling, and even keratin treatments. Depilex has been a beauty industry leader for over 40 years and plans to expand globally under the leadership of Redah Misbah, maintaining its commitment to quality and care.

5. Amina.Z Salons

Amina.Z Beauty Salon is the top beauty spot in Lahore. Founded by Amina Zaman in 2002, this salon has become a symbol of strength, commitment, and unparalleled beauty experiences. It is known for the best bridal and affordable party makeup, their salon is the go-to for a fantastic beauty experience. Relax at the spa centre in Lahore, where self-care takes centre stage. With expertise in hairdressing and makeup, the salon offers unique services for bridal makeup and hairdressing. Various hair treatments are available, making it a hotspot for nail treatments and hair services. 

It’s not just a beauty spot; Amina.Z Salon is a retreat for women who want to pamper themselves or get multiple services at once. The salon is well-organized, creating a calm environment. Though a bit on the expensive side, many find the luxury and comfort worth it, especially those on a budget. The professional staff at Amina.Z Salon ensures a cooperative and pleasant experience. They prioritize client satisfaction with a commitment to international cleanliness and hygiene standards, offering various professional beauty and makeup services in Lahore.

6. Nabila’s Salon

Nabila’s Salon, which started in the early 2000s, is one of Lahore’s top beauty spots. Every day, it keeps getting better in all salon services. The team at Nabila’s always uses the latest technology and high-quality products to give the best care to each client. Located on College Rd, Gulberg 2, Lahore, they offer top-notch hair care, personalized cuts and colors, professional makeup for various events, signature styling collections, and luxury hand and foot care for your nails. 

At Nabila’s, you’ll find skilled makeup and hair artists working hard to give you the best hair salon in Lahore experience that matches your lifestyle. And guess what? The salon is not just good for regular parties and makeovers but also bridal makeup. Being a leader in the market for three decades, Nabila’s has set the standard with state-of-the-art salons all over Pakistan, designed specifically for clients to have the best salon in Lahore experience that suits their lifestyle. 

7. Allenora Annie Signature Salons

Annie Mansoor, a top bridal stylist, has set high standards for excellence since the salon’s inception. She is known for the difference between good and excellent, Allenora Annie Signature Salons offers a wide range of services, including bridal and party makeup, hairstyles, threading, waxing, nails, massage, eye makeup, and airbrush makeup. With a commitment to create a relaxing atmosphere, Allenora Annie Signature Salons has become a one-stop shop for women seeking beauty care, relaxation, and preparation for special occasions. The body spa at Allenora Annie Signature Salon offers refreshing treatments like full-body massage, head massage, coin therapy, and facial skin treatments.

Annie Mansoor’s skills have made her signature brides highly respected across the country,  which attracts celebrities, top models, and socialites. The salon’s talented stylists keep their techniques updated, specializing in hair color, highlights, streaking, bonding, perm, and other hair treatments. They have been a trusted name in the beauty industry for over three decades.

8. Fuzion Salon & Spa

Fuzion Salon & Spa, located in Johar Town, is a renowned beauty destination known for its exceptional services. They have gained popularity for its skilled team and stunning bridal makeovers. The salon offers various services, including hair styling, makeup, cosmetics, nail services, and skincare treatments. It’s affordable prices and expert services make it a favorite among clients. 

If you are a student and looking for a ladies salon near me then here is something exciting for you. For students, there’s an exciting offer of a FLAT 25% OFF on all services by showing a valid student ID card. The salon is dedicated to making individuals look gorgeous, ensuring they stand out at their next party or special occasion.

9. COSMO Salon

COSMO Salon, a well-known beauty destination in Lahore, now has four convenient branches across the city. They specialise in skincare, hair, makeup, and spa services for both men and women, COSMO Salon is dedicated to enhancing your natural beauty. Their skilled team of makeup artists ensures you radiate confidence and elegance for any occasion. The salon believes in tailoring looks to individual features and needs, offering high-quality hair services, the best skincare facials deals, and trendy makeup and styling in an environmentally friendly setting. At COSMO Salon and Studio, they make achieving perfect beauty a personalized and enjoyable experience.

10. Nina G Beauty Salon

NINA G Beauty Boutique is a top-notch salon in Lahore that’s changing the beauty game. It’s known as one of the best salons in Lahore, offering a bunch of skin, hair, and nail services. They even have fancy treatments like the famous Loreal Pro-Fiber therapy. Besides the usual stuff like hair treatments and facials, they also do cool things like Mythic Oil Treatment and OPI Nail Color Application. 

If you’re a student, they’ve got a sweet deal – Party Makeup is only 4000/- for students, instead of the usual 6000/-. NINA G is the place to go for a beauty boost and some serious relaxation. The salon has a comfy and chill vibe, reflecting the owner’s calm personality. You’ll find NINA G in the Commercial Area of Sector Y in DHA Phase 3. If you’re into getting pampered and looking good, this is your spot.


As we finish exploring the beauty spots in Lahore, here’s a question for you – have you pampered yourself recently? These discounts aren’t just about saving money; they’re about treating yourself well. So, why wait? Head to salons in Lahore, take advantage of those special discounts and turn each session into a celebration of your beauty.


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