Get ready to embark on a mouthwatering journey through the heart of Karachi, where the sea meets a seafood lover’s paradise. We’re spilling the beans on the absolute the best fish restaurants in Karachi. From Lahori fish tales at Nawabish to the budget-friendly top seafood dining spots in Karachi wonders at Hot N Spicy, we’ve got it all covered. Get ready to whet the appetites and dive into Karachi’s finest fish delights

1. Nawabish

Our journey begins with Nawabish, located in Gulistan-e-Johar. This Turkish-inspired haven offers an enticing menu, with the standout being the Lahori fish. The ambience is traditional and inviting, setting the stage for a delightful experience. Try out their fish offerings, where every bite tells a story of flavors.

Nawabish sets the stage for a culinary journey that you’ll remember long after you leave. Each bite is a story of flavors. It’s not just about eating; it’s about savoring the journey. Ready for the next stop on our fishy adventure? Stay tuned!

Location: SB- 26 Block, Block 12 Gulistan-e-Johar, Karachi

Opening Hours: 6 PM -1 AM

2. Hot N Spicy

Conveniently located near Aladin Amusement Park in Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Hot N Spicy is a go-to spot for affordable yet delectable fish options. From grilled fish to fish and chips, and fish tikka, they cater to every fish lover’s palate. Apart from their fish, their biryani scenes are also worth trying.

The affordability doesn’t compromise the quality, making it a go-to spot for those craving a fishy feast. Hot N Spicy is all about keeping it real and affordable. So, if you’re up for a fishy adventure that won’t dent your pocket, Hot N Spicy is where it’s at!

Location: Aladin Amusement Park Rd, Block 11 Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi

Opening Hours:  12:30 PM – 1 AM

3. Casbah Grill

Casbah Grill promises seafood cooked to perfection. The outdoor dining option elevates the experience, allowing seafood lovers to savor a variety of dishes, from seafood platters to a diverse range of Karachi’s seafood delights. Casbah is known as one of the best fish restaurants in Karachi. For those seeking an elevated dining experience, check out their rooftop option here.

So, if you’re ready to take your taste buds on a seafood rollercoaster, Casbah Grill is where it’s happening. Sea, food, and good times – they’ve got it all!

Location: RXVW+86J، Moulvi Tamizuddin Khan Road, Avari Hotels International, Karachi

Opening Hours: 7:30 AM to 11:30 PM

4. Cote Rotie

Cote Rotie brings a touch of French experience to Karachi’s food scene. Located in Clifton, this French cafe specializes in fish dishes like salmon, prawns, slow-roasted salmon, and scampi-style prawns. The ambience matches the quality of the food, creating a perfect setting for a delightful meal. 

While the prices might be higher, our membership can help you save on your order.

It’s like a magic wand that turns those higher prices into friendly deals. So, if you’re up for a fancy fishy affair without breaking the bank, Cote Rotie is where you want to be. French vibes, fish delights, and savings – it’s a win-win!

Location: Alliance Francaise, Plot/St-1, Block 8, Kehkashan, Clifton, Karachi

Opening Hours: 12 PM – 11:30 PM

5. Magic Hotpot

Magic Hotpot offers a unique blend of hot pot delights and a diverse fish menu. From fish and chips to prawns, fish popcorn, and dynamite prawns, this spot stands out. The open-air rooftop dining adds to the charm, making it a go-to place for fish enthusiasts. They also serve healthy food options on their menu.

Magic Hotpot is like a wizard in the kitchen, especially when it comes to fish. Fish and chips? Check. Prawns? Double check. Fish popcorn? Triple check. And brace yourselves for the dynamite prawns – it’s like a flavor explosion in your mouth. Rooftop vibes, fishy delights, and a touch of magic – it’s a recipe for a good time!

Location: Building 222-C, Al-Murtaza Commercial Ln 3, D.H.A. Phase 8 Karachi

Opening Hours: 4 PM – 12 AM

6. Dine Time

Situated in Bahadurabad, Dine Time, a Chinese and fast-food haven, presents a fusion of flavors with its fish and chips. The casual ambience complements the diverse fish menu, providing a quick and satisfying culinary experience for those craving a blend of Chinese and fish delights.

Now, why is it stealing the show? ‘Cause it’s throwing a flavor party, especially with their fish and chips. It’s like a fusion of Chinese and fishy wonders. A super chill place, nothing fancy, just good vibes. That’s the casual ambience at Dine Time, making it the perfect spot for a quick and satisfying cuisine experience. So, if you’re in the mood for a blend of Chinese goodness and fish delights, Dine Time is where you want to be.

Location: BMCHS Rd No. 14, Bahadurabad BMCHS Sharafabad, Karachi

7. Kababjees

Looking for the best fish restaurants in Karachi? Then visit Kababjees. A household name for seafood lovers, Kababjees on Shaheed-e-Millat Road is renowned for its prawn tempura, fried fish, grilled fish, and assorted shrimp platter. Seafood enthusiasts, this place is all about making sure you get your fix of delectable fish dishes, and they’re doing it right.

First up, we’ve got the prawn tempura – crispy, crunchy, and prawn perfection. Then, there’s the fried fish, golden and delicious, making your taste buds do a happy dance. Then there is this grilled fish – it’s like a flavor explosion in every bite. And for the ultimate seafood party, there’s the assorted shrimp platter, serving up a mix of ocean delights. Get ready to embark on a seafood adventure from 6 PM to midnight. Sea, eat, and be merry!

Location: Aqeela Arcade, Main Shaheed-e-Millat Road, Karachi Memon Society Karachi

Opening Hours: 6 PM – 12:30 AM

8. Al-Habib Restaurant 

On Super Highway, Al-Habib Restaurant offers an array of fish options, including Dhaka fish, fish fry, fish tempura, and crispy fish tamarind. It’s not just a spot; it’s a fish oasis, open round the clock, ready to satisfy all your fish cravings. The ambience is as cool as the Super Highway breeze. They’ve got this open-air dining thing going on, making your fish adventure even more special.

It’s like a fish lover’s dream come true. First up, we’ve got Dhaka fish. Then, there’s the classic fish fried, crispy and golden just the way you like it. Feeling a bit fancy? Dive into the fish tempura – it’s like a crispy seafood delight. And if you’re up for a taste explosion, the crispy fish tamarind is your go-to. Al-Habib isn’t playing around; they’re serving up a fish feast that serves every fish fantasy. It’s not just a meal; it’s an experience, a fishy journey that keeps going, 24/7. 

Location: Al Habib Restaurant Super Highway, Near New Sabzimandi, Karachi.

Opening Hours: 24 Hours Open


Karachi’s seafood landscape is rich and diverse. Whether you prefer the traditional flavors at Nawabish, the budget-friendly options at Hot N Spicy, or the upscale experience at Cote Rotie, there’s a fish haven waiting for you in the heart of Karachi. Dive in and savor the best fish restaurants in Karachi. 

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