This is your sign to go out with your friends and have a cup of hot chocolate. We have decided to rate some hot chocolates around K-town so you can have the best winter experience this year! As winters in Karachi don’t last for long, get your favourite one now. Along with the cold breeze of Karachi at night a cup of hot chocolate tastes like heaven.  On top of that, the aesthetic ambience of these cafes with a dark theme gives a hygge. The warm hues of these hot chocolate are enough to beat the cold weather of Karachi. In this blog, we are going to talk about the best hot chocolate in Karachi with aesthetic ambience.

Top Places Serving The Best Hot Chocolate In Karachi

So are you excited to find out the best hot chocolate in Karachi to satisfy your carvings? Well, there you go satisfy your hot chocolate cravings with the top hot chocolate spots in Karachi. These warm, cozy and chocolatey drinks are going to blow up your taste buds.  So, are you guys ready to take on this mouthwatering journey of creamy hot chocolate in Karachi? If so then stay tuned to find the hot chocolate places near me for a better experience.

Lals Chocolate

Mostly famous as a gift brand, Lals Chocolate has also introduced its Viennese hot chocolate on its menu. It is a well-known cafe in Karachi for coffee and chocolate lovers. What makes this hot chocolate significant from others is that it is made from handmade chocolate.

Apart from hot chocolate, they serve a diverse range of menus from sundaes to baristas and crepes they have covered. So on your next visit to Karachi don’t forget to give this best hot chocolate in Karachi a try. In the best Karachi hot chocolate reviews Lals Viennese hot chocolate got a straight 4.2 stars out of 5. Isn’t that enough to try it out once?

Location: Saima Twin Tower, Miran Mohammad Shah Road, KDA SCHEME 1 5-C, Main Khayaban-E-Shahbaz,PHASE 6, DHA.

Opening Hours: 11 AM – 12 AM


Another ancient place for hot chocolate lovers after Butlers is FLOC. FLOC, short for “For the Love Of Chocolate” known for the creamiest and thick hot chocolate in town. Whether you prefer it dark and intense or with a hint of hazelnut, FLOC’s hot chocolate promises an unforgettable experience.

If you are looking for recommendations try out FLOC’s Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate for being the all-time favourite. Or if you are craving for some intense chocolaty flavour then Devil’s dark chocolate is what you should try. Additionally, the serving size of FLOC’s hot chocolate is enough to satisfy your craving.

Location: Commercial Ln, Phase V Defence V Zamzama, Karachi

Opening Hours: 8 AM – 12 AM (1 AM on weekends)


Bingsu’s Korean-style hot chocolate is a delightful fusion of flavours that will transport your taste buds to new horizons. Karachi’s best hot chocolate with marshmallow fluff and rich, thick intensity won the hearts of hot chocolate lovers. 

Bignsu is known as the best hot chocolate in Karachi due to its authentic taste, consistency and marshmallow fluff. Most of the cafes in Karachi sell chocolate hot milk in the name of hot chocolate but Bingso has never disappointed their customers. According to customers’ reviews, Bingsu’s hot chocolate tastes the same as it tasted the first time.

Location: Shop. No 4 Plot, 3C Khayaban-e-Nishat, D.H.A Phase 6 Phase 6 Defence Housing Authority, Karachi

Opening Hours: 3 PM – 12 AM


A small business with a limited but scrumptious menu of Korean, Cantonese, Thai, and Taiwanese dishes. Recommended by most food bloggers this palace food tastes like heaven. Their Mexican Hot Chocolate is known as one of the best hot chocolates in Karachi.  The addition of spices like cardamom is a game-changer, its creamy and thick texture makes it even more delicious.  This creamy hot chocolate in Karachi with the addition of spices is a new addition to your carvings. 

Location: 26- C Lane 6, Ittehad Commercial, Karachi, Pakistan

Opening Hours: 4:30 PM – 1 AM


Pistachio, honey & almond or dark hot chocolate. Which one are you craving for? Espresso is here to satisfy your hot chocolate cravings. In this chilling weather, grab a winter warmth hot chocolate from espresso. A rich, creamy, thick concoction of chocolate that is topped with frosted whipped cream, warm toasted marshmallows and choco shavings. 

Served with whipped cream, marshmallows and crushed milk plus white chocolate. These hot chocolates in winter always give you those cosy, Christmas vibes. Rich, smooth, velvety, creamy, delicious melting chocolate which is so thick it can be eaten with a spoon – it’s so incredible, just like eating a warm delicious chocolate mousse.

Location: Kha-e-Shabaz, Tip Sultan, Dolmen City Mall
Opening Hours: 8 AM – 12 AM 

TestKitchen By Okra

If you are looking for the taste of home-made hot chocolate outside your home then TestKitchen by Okra is the place to be. A small fast-paced cafe known for its unique food. This cafe also got hype due to its signature hot chocolate. One of the best hot chocolates in Karachi to treat yourself to on breezy nights of Karachi. For those who appreciate innovation, TestKitchen By Okra is a laboratory of flavours where hot chocolate experiments come to life.

Location: Phase V Zamzama Commercial Area Defence V Karachi

Opening Hours: Tues-Thurs 9:30 AM-7 PM, Fri-Sun 9:30 AM-8 PM

Melbrew Coffee Bar

Not very famous but offers great hot chocolate on the cold and breezy nights of Karachi. Known for its coffee most of the time but after trying out their hot chocolate we must say that it is one of the best hot chocolate served in Karachi. Moreover, the aesthetic ambience gives you a pics-friendly environment for your Instagram stories. Do check out Melbrew Coffee Bar if you are carving for some fluffy and thick hot chocolate.

Caffe Praha

If you like your hot chocolate in a runny consistency then you must try Caffe Praha. Overall, it is a good choice for hot chocolate lovers of Karachi, serving milky hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows. An affordable and delicious choice for those craving it for a long time. 


If you live in Karachi you must have heard about this place once in your life. With exciting deals and deserts on their menu, IHop is a must place to visit for the best Hot chocolate in Karachi. Thick, creamy and rich flavour, one of the authentic recipes of hot chocolates is served by IHop. 

Butlers Chocolate Cafe

Known as the first-ever cafe to serve the best hot chocolate in Karachi, an international chain with a variety of flavours. At Butlers, hot chocolate is cooked to perfection, this creamy delight of Butlers is a must-try. If you are looking for an authentic hot chocolate recipe, then Butlers with a variety of hot chocolate is the perfect spot to be. 

Due to the revolution in Karachi’s food trend, there are a lot more options for hot chocolate. But Butlers is still known for its great recipes from the past. Do check out their cafe in Defence V they are also located at Dolmen Mall and Jinnah Airport. Bringing happiness everywhere you go with a cup of hot chocolate.

Location: 6th Commercial Ln, Zamzama Commercial Area Defence V Karachi
Dolmen Mall Clifton

Opening Hours: 9 AM – 11 PM (12 AM on weekends)

Are these cafes suitable for families?

Yes, most of the cafes mentioned are family-friendly and offer a cozy atmosphere for a hot chocolate outing with loved ones. You can visit these places at any time in their opening hours. Moreover, these cafes also offer a social media-friendly post environment. 

Can I find vegan or dairy-free hot chocolate options in Karachi?

Some cafes do offer vegan or dairy-free hot chocolate alternatives, so be sure to inquire when you visit. Before placing your order ask them out for vegan or dairy-free hot chocolate and enjoy it.


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