Most Popular Brands in Vouch365- 2019


A journey in to some of the most popular brands of VOUCH365 this year!

We all have been experiencing vouch365 and its amazing deals and discounts, here’s to a list of brands that have been a major hit among our customers this year.

A small sub shop, the sandwich king has grown into a corporate giant, one with an interesting history. Having the best sub sandwiches and delicious taste.
Offer: Buy one 6 inch Chicken Sub get one free
Savings: Rs 450
Our opinion: At the price of one, getting two healthy sandwiches is what we all would always want.

What started out small has become the biggest pizza restaurant in the world and today operates more than 16,000 restaurants in 100 countries serving innovative pizzas and traditional favorites.
Offer: Buy one get one offers (large pizza, regular pizza, 4 garlic breads, 12 pcs chicken wings)
Savings: Rs. 1800-/, 1200-/, 265-/, 750 -/
Our opinion: The Pizza Hut has done a terrific job of listening to the voice of the customer, and have worked tirelessly to mind emerging health trends while not impacting the great taste that
makes our food so special.

The taste that creates the watering of the mouth and the cravings for the first bite.
Offer: Buy one get one free offer (the big bang)
Savings: Rs 620-/
Our opinion: Serving delicious mouth-watering burgers with saucy and scrumptious flavors, doing it all!


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